I awake Stars!

What does it mean? I’m Michael Beast and for over 10 years, me and my team have been optimizing strategy, branding and marketing for our clients, so that after a few months of smart work, they achieved 6 and 7 digits income. As a result, the StarsSystem™ was created. A system that gives you freedom, influence and a luxurious lifestyle. This is the most efficient way you can build your communities on social media, get media coverage and create strong, automated business without making tons of content and hiring team of people. Would you like to know more about it? You can join my next presentation here:

Personal Branding Star

make you first choice for your clients. You’ll attract perfect clients, set up much higher prices and set your rules on the market. You can become an influencer, a trendseter, a business star. What are the examples of strong personal brands that I work with? Do you know Mark Cuban? Gary Vaynerchuck? Or maybe Celine Dion? They are strong personal brands that I worked with. If you are interested in building your strong personal brand, than click below.

Business Branding Star

make your idea, startup or foundation product or service stand out on the market. If you’ll find your true voice, create solid strategy, communicate your values and take care of your communication, than you’ll build your dream team, increase sales, improve profit margin and become a leader in your niche. Are you thinking about new product? Service? Or maybe you want to strengthen your current brand and your team? If so, than click below.

You're an Influencer?

You are a leader, creating value. You run your media, you grow your audience, you want to influence the world. If you are a coach, trainer, social media star, or want to become one, start with your strong personal brand.

You have an Idea?

That’s so exciting! You’re going to change the whole world! Everything starts with a team, an idea and drive to make it happen! If you’d like to create strong, influencial, powerful brand for your product or service than…

You're a Business?

Your time is now! Your teams are growing, your sales are better than ever. Now you would like to bring new product or service to the market. Or maybe you just need some training & branding expert by your side.

You're evolving?

Maybe you want to change something. Your career doesn’t quite fits you. Your business is not that fun it used to be, or maybe you are just thinking you can achieve so much more. Well, I believe in you!

Some of my Business Branding Star clients that I worked with

And some of my Personal Branding Star clients

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Great passion and commitment – this is what first come to mind about Michael. Excellent speaker who motivates to action, even the most stubborn person. High degree of enthusiasm and the ability to infuse others with new ideas are his trademark. Monika Serafin

Entrepreneur, Freelancer

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

The brand I have created through partnering with Michael, has brought tangible results in the increased reach of my business and more and more clients. We continue to effectively cooperate and review each other’s business in the strategic area. Agata Limanowka

Business Coach & Strategist, Business Owner

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

You are your own brand so make sure it looks pro and sweet. Michael is the right person to make it happen. I highly recommend him as your future personal-brand-creative-director. Marcin Osman

Business Owner, OSMpower

Michael Beast. Business & Personal Branding expert

He created creative campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, L'Oreal, Holiday Inn. Helped over 150 celebrities and business owners to ten-fold their audience and influence globally. Keynote speaker to European Universities and marketing events. Championed huge personal development community. He says his mission is "to make people and companies shine". Father of two, grateful husband and humble "student of life". Connect with me on your favorite social media sites!

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