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Star Brand Academy 

On-line masterclass advanced series of training and workshops where you’ll get access to the most effective tools and knowledge available only for top 1% level celebrities and influencers.

What is SBA?

Star Brand Academy is an intensive, interactive, advanced 6 week training program that will guide you step by step through the process of building, scaling and strengthening your brand. The system is created based on work with over 120 world-class celebrities and influencers.

How much value?

Have you noticed how much effort you have to put into building a strong brand ?, Have you noticed that some have spectacular effects and others are left behind? SBA is a collection of strategies, tools and secrets that are used by the best-known stars on the market. If you want to have better results in a shorter time, this is the right place to be.

Who should join?

If you work with people, talk, build teams or plan to create an online empire, then SBA is for you. For speakers, trainers, influencers, entrepreneurs and team leaders who want to build a strong brand for themselves and their business. Are you one of them?


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